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World Cup Day Two Betting Preview PT 1

The widely anticipated 2018 World Cup is finally underway and it began with a really solid matchup for the host nation as rush over able to sweet besides Saudi Arabia fairly easily in the big kick off. Though there was only single match played on the opening day of action there is a lot of football still be played over the next couple of days including four matches a day happening on the weekend days coming up this week.

Matchday two sees a number of interesting clashes set to develop and things get underway as Egypt take on Uruguay in a match that sees the South American side listed at an odds on price to get the victory.

It's worth noting that Uruguay are the only side that are trading at an odds on price during the entire day's play - which shows you just how closely matched a lot of these teams really seem to be.

Egypt always tend to be one of the better and more consistent African nations and you can count on them to push Uruguay every step of the way. However it's worth remembering the Great Performances that you were graced teams have put together over the last couple of years and how tight is a unit they seem to be an international football.

This year ago a side look to be just a step behind the main South American sides like Brazil and Argentina - but they look capable of giving virtually every team the game and are likely to get the victory against Egypt.


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