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Novelty Betting

Over the past few years, betting on novelty and pop culture markets has skyrocketed in popularity. These days, you can bet on everything from the make-up of the next coalition government to who’s going to get the boot from this week’s edition of X-Factor.

The most popular pop culture bets tend to be large voting shows like X-Factor, Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing or the titanic betting event: Eurovision. Despite the popularity, turning profits on pop culture events can be tricky, as the favourites are usually quite obvious and are therefore short-priced.

The amount of novelty bets vary widely from bookmaker to bookmaker. If you’re registering a new account to lock in some bets on current events, or whether it’s going to snow on Christmas, you should first take a look to see if the bookmaker actually offers the bet.

At some sites, regional specials are widely available. You can find odds and an assortment of markets on Scandinavian reality shows on one bookmaker, while another offers odds on American Idol or Australia’s Next Top Model.

Beauty Pageant betting, believe it or not, is quite popular and you can actually lock in some fantastic odds on competitions like Miss Universe or Miss America.

Some sites really step it up a level and offer some genuinely nonsense pop culture bets. If you’re looking to lock in 4/1 odds on god confirming his existence in the next calendar year or a 50/1 price on David Beckham’s son to earn himself an England cap; you’ll find a bookmaker out there willing to take your bet.

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