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American Politics Betting Update PT 1

Things are always interesting in the world of American politics (sometimes too interesting) and the inconsistent Joe Biden presidency is representing some great opportunities for those who enjoy a political bet. With Biden’s haphazard management of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and complete mismanagement of the crisis unfolding at the southern border, one wonders just how long the media will continue to run interference for him. 

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Kamala Harris has also proven to be an increasing problem who looks more and more out of her depth as the weeks go on. 

The headlines today showed that Harris’ team has brought in crisis managers in an effort to continue her ability to remain in the political sphere once her Vice-Presidency is finished. This has led to some bookmakers releasing an entirely new slate of odds that puts the Vice-President as unlikely to ever be president - even before 2040. 

Kamala Harris to be the US President at any point before 2040 rewards at a 6/5 margin while she trades at 9/4 to be a two-term president. The way that things are going this looks increasingly unlikely and some political observers are wondering whether she has been set up for failure by the Joe Biden team. 

With more controversy emerging over the lifting of the debt ceiling, one has to wonder just how many big mistakes the Biden administration can make before the wheels really start to come off? You can expect plenty of interesting permutations once the 2022 midterms happen and the race for the 2024 presidency begins in earnest. 

At this stage, Biden’s presidency looks like a combination of Jimmy Carter’s good intentions and haphazard execution and the last year or two of Ronald Reagan’s presidency when he started to go senile. Joe Biden is expected to see out his presidency but there might be some punters who look to go against him on that wager. 


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