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2017 Masters Betting Update PT 1

Looking ahead to the 2017 Masters we have the odds really beginning to solidify on a number of the top favorites while the rest of the pack she's there odds shift around considerably as we start to get a much more accurate portrait of which players are actually going to be lining up in the competition this year and which will be giving it a miss.


Obviously, the biggest name in terms of whether they will appear at Augusta or not this year is the likes of Tiger Woods who had intended to come back and return in the Master's but continues to be plagued by a serious back problem that has caused him to withdraw from several tournaments already. This comes on the heels of some relatively disappointing outings in the first place.

Woods had been trading around a  price of about 33/1  to win this year's edition of the Masters and there were many that had simply been hoping he would appear and potentially even make the cut this year. He had had so many amazing moments at Augusta in the past that many feel if Tiger was to revive his career and go back to what he used to be that it would likely be routed through Augusta.

Those examining the odds for the 2017 Masters will have noticed that Tiger Woods has no drifted out to a price of around 66/1 all the way up to 80/1. this is a considerable drift and it looks as though he will more than likely not play in this iteration of the Masters Tournament.

The current betting favorite appears to be Jordan Spieth who has a price of rent 7 / 1 with a number of major bookmakers and has shown in the past that he can handle virtually any type of competition and is always in contention for each major championship. The way that things typically work with Spieth you're going to  see his odds drop considerably on the back of a good first round at Augusta.

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