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European Tour

The European Tour is no longer second fiddle to America’s PGA with many of the game’s top players calling it home.  Recent major winners Graeme McDowell, Martin Kaymer, Louis Oosthuizen and Padraig Harrington all play the Euro Circuit full-time leading to world class competition and excitement each and every week.

The Tour’s resident players often find themselves playing against the best players from around the world as even America’s best travel to Europe to play in the Tour’s premier events.  With Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and the rest of the top Americans coming to Europe for various events throughout the season, the Tour has garnered considerable attention in recent years and made the European Tour an equally intriguing circuit for bettors worldwide.

BettingChoice readers will find comprehensive coverage of the weekly news coming out of the European Tour and can look to keep their golf bets ‘at home’ as golf’s best tee it up on some of Europe’s most famous golf courses.

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