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2010 General Election Latest Last Minute Odds

We are well and truly under way now as the live betting on the 2010 General Election is in full swing.

Top UK bookmakers are offering up live betting on today’s big result and, while the odds don’t necessarily indicate anything we weren’t anticipating previously, it does look like a hung parliament may not be as sure a thing as we previously anticipated.

As it currently stands, we have David Cameron’s Conservatives at 1/25 while Labour’s odds are now at 9/1. An unlikely Lib Dem victory pays out at 40/1, but they have run 100x better than many previously thought they would.

In regards to the general election result, no overall majority remains the slightly-favoured option although the odds have tightened up since our last report. You’ll find that option still at odds-on with a 4/5 price, but a Conservative Majority has shortened to even money. A Labour majority is priced at 12/1 and the Lib Dems are 60/1 to hit a majority government.

There is live betting on seat totals for virtually all major parties and the Conservatives look like they will either finish with 325-349, which pays out at 13/10, or 300-324 which rewards at 8/5.

Gordon Brown’s Labour Party is priced to finish with between 200-224 at 17/10. Should they accumulate 225-249 you’re looking at 23/10. 175-199 isn’t out of the question either, according to the bookies, and you’ll find that at a 7/2 listing.

Betting on the total seats for the Lib Dems is very tight as the margins aren’t as big as the other parties but they are favoured to earn 100 seats or more. You’ll find that priced at 3/1 with 85-89 and 80-84 listed at 9/2.

The Scottish National Party are listed at a 4/9 price to record under 10 seats while over 10 seats pays out at 23/10. Plaid Cymru look like they will pick up over 4 seats with an 8/13 price. Exactly 4 seats pays 6/4. The UKIP are looking like they will be shut out as they are paying 9/2 to win a single seat.

Things are looking up for the Green Party, however, and they trade at 4/9 to win at least one seat. If you’re looking to bet against the Greens they are 13/8 to get skunked. Respect pay 10/3 to win a single seat.

Labour are expected to win more seats in Scotland and Wales with a 1/1000 price for Labour to get the most Scottish seats while they are a very slim 1/40 to take the most seats in Wales.

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