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2020 Presidential Election Betting Tips PT 1

Despite the prospect of impeachment and the never ending circus surrounding Donald Trump, it appears as though the bookmakers are confident that he will be able to pull off another dramatic victory as we get closer to the election in November.


In fact, his price has never been shorter than it is trading at right now and despite what you'll see in the media he appears to have a really good shot at retaining the presidency once again. Regardless of what one thinks about him the fact remains that he is a savvy political operator and seems to be getting under the skin of his opponents with even more ease.

As it currently stands, Donald Trump can be backed around a 4/5 price to be re-elected. There was a lot of interesting movement in the odds for any of his potential Rivals but it also appears as though Joe Biden is still in full position to achieve the Democratic nomination.

With the Iowa caucuses just around the corner there are several candidates who appear to be seeing their attention wane and Elizabeth Warren is the most likely of these. Warren had previously been trading around a solid price of about 7/1 to be elected president but now it appears as though her odds have drifted significantly and she is trading around an 18/1 margin.

Both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders appear to be in the ascendancy and they can be back around a 5/1 price depending on whom you're wagering with.

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