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2020 Presidential Election Betting Tips PT 2

Michael Bloomberg has entered the contest and is already starting to make some waves despite the fact that he won't be participating in the Iowa caucuses or the New Hampshire primaries because he got into the race so late. His hopes appear to be Pinned on the idea of winning at a brokered convention. 


This is definitely an exciting prospect for the media but it also appears as though Bloomberg has been able to get under Trump skin and the prospect of two billionaires facing off against each other makes this potentially tantalizing betting opportunity.

You will find that Michael Bloomberg is trading around a 15/1 price to be elected as the next president of the United States.

It's going to be especially interesting to see how he faces off against Bernie Sanders who is very much on the exact opposite political plane as Bloomberg.  Sanders probably has more momentum then anybody else in the race at this point in time but it also appears as though the Democratic establishment has a real problem with him and there have been rumors that Barack Obama may get involved in the campaign if it appears as though Sanders has a genuine shot at securing the nomination. This could potentially lead to a very messy situation at the convention - something that was avoided last time out.


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