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2020 Presidential Election Betting Tips PT 3

Mayor Pete is another interesting Prospect and it looks likely that he could have a genuine chance of winning the Iowa caucuses but you have to wonder whether he will be able to sustain that throughout the rest of the campaign. He was pulling very highly as of late but he needs to win the first two states in order to be able to pick up the momentum that he's going to need to propel him to the presidency.


He also has a significant problem attracting African American voters and this could wind up helping Joe Biden out an awful lot because he is still polling really well in South Carolina.

You can be back at a price as high as 50/1 and that is significantly higher than he has been trading at as of late so it looks as though the momentum could be cooling off for him as we continue to go forward in the campaign.

There are several other really notable contenders here and Andrew Yang is probably one of the most interesting presidential candidates in quite a while and he has been able to ensconce himself as a genuine Factor here. Many people did not think that Cory Booker and Kamala Harris would be out of the race at this point while Yang is very much in it.

He's enjoyed a lot of viral internet success but is also appearing to went over a lot of regular mainstream Americans with his message about automation that really seems to hit home with a lot of people. When Yang got into the race he was trading as high as 500/1 and now he can be backed as low as a 25/1 price tag.

Tulsi Gabbard is also very much in the next year and could be a very strategic vice presidential election but she has been struggling to break out. She is a very different message than many of the other candidates in the mix and her appearance on Joe Rogan a few months ago has definitely helped put her on the map.

It seems as though the more people here from Tulsi gabbard the more that they like her and she has faced a barrage of criticism from Hillary Clinton and several other establishment Democrats view her as a legitimate threat.


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