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2020 US Presidential Election Special Bets

Now that things are definitely heating up on the political circuit in the United States, you’ll find that the betting markets are starting to get a lot more dynamic as well with bookmakers all over the world offering up a lot of interesting wagering options on all of the potential outcomes. 



Donald Trump had looked to be in pole position heading into 2020 with the economy moving forward at a brisk pace and his Democratic counterparts in seeming disarray looking at what was to be a very divisive primary process. Joe Biden was able to put together a relatively improbable victory as it looked as though Pete Buttigieg or Elizabeth Warren was set to walk away with the nomination. 

Now, Biden has listed Kamala Harris as his historic Vice-Presidential candidate and they are now trading as the outright favourite to secure the victory in the upcoming election in November. As it currently stands, punters will find Joe Biden available around a ⅘ price to win the election while Donald Trump is trading at a 5/4 listing to win reelection. 

Donald Trump to lose the popular vote and still be elected is a very logical outcome if you plan on backing him as there is no way that he is going to win majorities in the big popular vote states of California and New York. There are bookmakers listing him at 2/1 to lose the popular vote but win reelection and that looks to be the only logical outcome for a Trump victory. 

For those who think that the election could be delayed for whatever reason, bookmakers are offering up prices of anywhere from 6/1 to 8/1 for no US Presidential election to be held in 2020. 

For those who think that Joe Biden may not be 100% there mentally, there is still a chance that he could withdraw from the top of the ticket and allow Kamala Harris to run as President. If that was to happen and the former prosecutor from California was able to secure a victory - you would be looking at a very enticing payout of around 66/1. 


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