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American Politics Betting Update PT 1

Things are definitely starting to heat up in the American political sphere as President Joe Biden’s bungled exit from Afghanistan continues to dominate the headlines and, doubtlessly, will have serious repercussions for Americans at home and abroad for decades to come. 

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While many agree that America should have left Afghanistan at some point, virtually everybody on the left and right in the United States are united (as strange as that may seem) in their condemnation for how the exit was actually handled by the US president. 

It’s a rarity these days to see the mainstream US news media go after a democratic president with the intensity that they have shown towards Biden, and with the Taliban now firmly back in power, many are starting to think that Biden may not actually last his full term in office. 

Things had been going alright for him up to this point, but it now looks as though a long shadow has been cast over his presidency and he simply can’t expect another scandal to sweep the Afghanistan problem off of the front page. This is also bad news for Kamala Harris whose uninspiring performance so far has seen her going from failure to failure on her recent overseas trip that was intended to give her a veil of success after meeting with foreign leaders. 

It appears as though both of the President and Vice-President’s camps are working against each other and, only a few months after they were both inaugurated, this does not bode well for their regime. Many are starting to wonder what is next and with the US midterms not too far away, the action is going to start heating up over the coming months. 


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