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US Presidential Election Betting Update

Things are definitely heating up in the race for the White House as Joe Biden and Donald Trump are just a few weeks away from election night - and we may not even know who actually winds up clinching the presidency until several days afterwards this time. 

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Because of this, you can expect plenty of interesting betting opportunities to develop over the next few days. The bookmakers are already beginning to roll out plenty of different betting offers specifically oriented around the election while a couple of them are offering up wagers on some very specific areas of the election. 

It’s worth remembering that last time around when Hillary Clinton was seen as a shoe-in to be elected president over Donald Trump, she was backed into a slim ⅕ price on the day that Americans headed to the polls. Trump had floated all the way out to a 4/1 price tag and, once the exit polls began to come in on the major networks, you saw his price rise even more. 

Then the stunning two hour period where Trump was confirmed as the winner in Ohio, Florida and North Carolina - and was holding leads in both Michigan and Wisconsin - turned the entire betting markets upside down. As the night drug on, Hillary supporters faces grew longer while the subdued Republican party event in New York suddenly grew into raucous celebration. 

Taking a look at the odds right now, Joe Biden has been backed into an 8/15 best price with several top bookmakers. He had been priced as low as ⅖ within the last week and the odds are beginning to lengthen slightly in regards to his overall best price. You’ll still find him available at 4/9 and ½ with several other bookmakers. 

Donald Trump is available at a best price of 15/8 and his odds have been lengthening for the past few months but he has recently started to shorten his price. The latest revelations about Hunter Biden’s laptop look like they aren’t going away any time soon but Trump supporters will be wondering if this news is coming too late in the campaign?

Turnout could be crucial for the US election and you’ll find European bookmakers listing a turnout of over 60% at a 3/10 price. Between 55%-57% pays out around 28/5 while 58%-60% pays out at 29/5. Anywhere under 55% pays out at 22/1 and that could wind up being an interesting wager for some who think that overall turnout may be significantly less than what the experts might be thinking. 

Many might be wondering when we will actually know who won the election and you’ll find that November 4th is the favoured day to find out the results but it’s lukewarm at 11/8. November 3rd is a 3/1 shout while November 5-8 pays 28/5 and November 9th or later pays out at 21/10. 


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